About Us

portrait of Carol Zogby of the Golden Angel ShoppeCarol Zogby is the owner and operator of The Golden Angel. She is a greatly sought out psychic medium, and Angel Therapy Practitioner®, with mediumship certification by Doreen Virtue, PhD, Angel University; and Level 2 Reiki training and attunement, which has been intuitively focused in Angel and Crystal Therapies. Carol offers in-person and long-distance readings and healing sessions, while creating and utilizing customized crystal (gemstone) healing grids. Carol has become trusted by her clients for her clarity, accuracy and soothing therapeutic sessions. New customers are always welcomed to The Golden Angel. It is gratifying that most who visit remain long established partners in seeking guidance on the path to achieving a life focus, clarity and finding one’s higher self, making it a gracious and strong relationship.

Carol has recognized and celebrated her gifts of psychic abilities throughout her entire life, even if as a child she didn’t fully recognize or understand them. From her earliest memories, Carol has communicated with angels and spirit guides to ‘hear’ (clairaudience) ‘sense’ (clairsentience) ‘see’ (clairvoyance), ‘smell’ (clairsentient), or feel the emotions of others (clairempathy) giving her information about events that were going to occur in her family, ex: death of a loved one, a serious accident, or the arrival of someone special, the finding of a lost item, or to stay away from certain places. As a child it never occurred to her that others did not sense these angels and spirit guides, or have visits from deceased family members or have received their caring messages or warnings too.

Many outdoor items from nature found their way into her life to assist. Various stones and plants hummed or vibrated, resulting in Angelic prayers stated in her ear meant to bring comfort. These stones and plants would intuitively appear as patterns or grids in Carol’s mind showing how they should be set up near someone in need.

It became fun as a young woman in college when Carol was able to send mental messages to her future husband asking him to call or come pick her up at school and he didn’t know why he was internally driven to do this.

As an adult, Carol met and worked with a mentor to better develop and understand the great gifts she possessed. She participated in classes in Mediumship Development, Reiki Level I and II, studied and continued communication with the Angelic Realm. Out of all of the methods chosen to study in mediumship development (tea leaf reading, Tarot, spirit drawing, spirit/soul/transfiguration photos, history, etc,) Angel oracle card reading, Reiki, crystal therapy, and Angel Therapy/Angel communication remained strongest and her greatest connection. Carol continues to learn through research, through books by various authors, attending classes through seminars and internet and further reflecting on spirit guides and Angelic prayer which allowed skills to become stronger, then more focused.

Carol, a full-time school teacher for 26 years (BA in English, Elementary Education, Special Education, MS in Special Education) is a life-long learner that strongly believes that every situation is a learning experience. She believes that even natural skills must continue to be honed and developed to a higher level. She has made a commitment to continue pursuing the development of her skills, because a medium’s abilities shift over time, growing, waxing and waning, or morphing only to take on new perspectives as the psychic continues to realize her own life purpose.

Carol Zogby wants to share her gifts by inviting you to contact her at the Golden Angel to assist you in your journey through life.