Angel Readings

The goal of an Angel reading is to offer the spiritual guidance you've been seeking. Every person has, at some point, met an emotional, physical (health, traumatic physical impact/injury), spiritual, love, or career situations that lead to self doubt, difficult choices, or wishing he or she could reflect deeper within to find guidance or hear their Guardian Angel’s response to their request for assist. Most of the time when a person is in an emotional situation, they are too intimately involved to see clearly. Meeting with a respected psychic for a reading can assist in shedding light on the obscurity they face.


Topics a sitter may request for a reading:

(this list provides suggestions; topics are limitless )

• TO:

• clear past life and/or current life blocks that keep you from creating the life you want and deserve
• receive information regarding love (found/lost/heartache)
• request direction regarding a clearer perspective on your life and circumstances—are you learning your life lessons, following your predestined chart, moving forward or are you stuck
• receive healing and guidance regarding your life's lessons
• move forward in grief after a loved one has passed or answer questions regarding a loved one who has passed
• recognize and break a pattern/life cycle (you attract same type of mate, job, ill health)
• manifest what you want (a relationship, or a job change, business, health)
• family matters; how are children/older parents dealing with life situations


How to best prepare for an Angel reading:

• Choose a professional psychic reader (talk to the medium, do you feel personally connected?)
• Prepare a list of specific questions, thoughts, or concerns you would like to focus on. This reading is about YOU; use the time wisely by being focused on your important topics. A reading typically lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour.
• Approach reading openly, honestly and lovingly.
• Ask for clarification if response is unclear. A symbol to the psychic may mean one thing; it may mean something very different to you! Confirmation is important; psychics are dealing with visual symbols, visual/intuitive guidance through the presences provided by deceased loved ones, spirit guides, guardian angels, archangels, or Ascended Masters. This guidance may be in the form of audible whispers, intuitive thoughts, visual contact, touch, or smell, (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience)
• Bring paper to take notes, plan to review notes later (what does not make sense right away may connect with you at a later date).
• Focus on your past, present and future when reviewing information.
Always remember that you and all people have free will and are expected to make decisions that control your life. A spiritual guide is a GUIDE, not your decision maker nor are they in charge of your life.

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