Crystals and Healing Grids

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Golden Angel Crystal Therapy Grids:

• Crystals are powerful healing tools a person can use to boost their natural spiritual healing energies.
• Crystals work softly and naturally with the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and romantic aspects of a person’s life.
• Crystals are amplifiers of positives.
• Crystals are filled with energy and conduct energy.
• Crystal therapy utilizes intuitive guidance from Angels, God Source, Spirit Guides, and Healing Guides, as to the most effective way to work with all varieties of gemstones to bring forth healing.
• Crystal Therapy involves the application of crystals either on the person, or in a grid formation placed near, or under the person’s bed, to facilitate healing.
• Each gemstone holds varied vibration; it is the Golden Angel’s Crystal Therapist’s job to connect you and nature to the match that will facilitate the healing process.

We feature exclusive crystal grids designed by Carol Zogby. Scroll down for an overview of grid examples, or to buy grids. These are examples only! Yours should be personalized to your specific needs. Contact Carol for more information. The goals of a personalized healing grid can include the following . . .

• Request specific Archangel assistance: Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raguel, Raphael, Raziel, Sandalphon, Uriel, Zadkiel
• Receive spiritual protection
• Raise positive energies/lower or remove negative energies
• Bring positive changes into work place
• Draw in abundance: love/prosperity/job/
• Open personal energies to divine messages
• Assist with public speaking
• Release fear/anxiety/stress
• Gain focus
• Receive and be open to knowledge/wisdom, understanding and insights
• Be open to finding solutions
• Be open for the knowledge of taking tests

The following are examples of crystal grids designed by Carol Zogby exclusively for the Golden Angel Shoppe. Scroll through the gallery below to view each; contact Carol to order your own personalized grid, or to check on current pricing.


Crystal Healing Grid:


Crystal Healing Grid:
Attract Your Twin Flame or Soulmate

back pain

Crystal Healing Grid:
Alleviate Back Pain


Crystal Healing Grid:


Crystal Healing Grid:


Crystal Healing Grid:

female health cycle

Crystal Healing Grid:
Female Health Cycle

female relaxation health

Crystal Healing Grid:
Female Relaxation Cycle


Crystal Healing Grid:

crystal healing grid for easing headache pain

Crystal Healing Grid:
Ease Headache Pain

crystal healing grid for Healing or Maintaining Love in a Relationship

Crystal Healing Grid:
Heal and Maintain Love in a Relationship

healing the past life cycle

Crystal Healing Grid:
Heal the Past Life Cycle

increase inner voice

Crystal Healing Grid:
Increase the Inner Voice to Greater Express Oneself in Personal and Professional Interaction

male relaxation health

Crystal Healing Grid:
Male Relaxation Health

protect against negativity

Crystal Healing Grid:
Protect Against Nagativity in the Home

negativity in the workplace

Crystal Healing Grid:
Protect Against Nagativity in the Workplace


Crystal Healing Grid:
Alleviate Stress

crystal healing grid aimed at easing throat pain

Crystal Healing Grid:
Ease Throat Pain


Warning: All gemstones and crystals could pose a choking risk to children or pets.